A little update! + Where Have I Been?

July 02, 2014

Hii everyone & welcome back to my blog. 

A few days ago I decided to go back to my blog and post. I was a little shocked to find out that I have not posted since April 15 (yes, almost 3 months) :O Then I decided to change the design a little bit :D
In these months I had studied for three final exams. I will be a freshman next year: D and I can not wait to meet new people.
Next I will try to get organized and post more because that I wish to do this summer :)

  • Why did you change the design? 

I changed the design because it did not like and it seems too ordinary. The new design is cleaner and fresh. The colors are based on Salmon Pink, Black and Grey. All design is created by me.

  • Why you don't posted? 

Like I said, I had studied for three final exams to graduate middle school. I'm officially a freshman :)

  • You will make a posting schedule  on the blog? 

Currently I try to organize as best as I can. I will try to make a posting schedule but I can not promise that I will do soon.

  • What you post from now on? 

I'll post about fashion, beauty and lifestyle as before. I'll try to include my photos taken by me and also I try to make as beautiful as possible.

If you have more questions, please contact me here or on Twitter & Facebook 

Talk with ya in my next post :)

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