My Summer Night Routine

July 19, 2015

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After a long day, I adore to wind down and have a relaxing night routine.

Normally, after I workout (I do it at night), I take a shower. To wash my body I am using Yves Rocher Jardin du Monde Lotus Flower Relaxing Shower Gel and for my hair I use L'Oreal Total Repair Extreme Shampoo. If that day I was extremely busy, I go for a nice bath with bubbles to calm and de-stress. More than that, I must listen to music in the shower. Spotify is a great app and has a bunch of playlists to choose from.

Afterwards, I start doing my skin care routine which is surprisingly simple. I am using just two or three products: to clean my face - Nivea Cleansing Sooting Mousse for dry & sensitive skin and to moisturise - Argan Oil. Skincare is done!! It it's time for pyjamas!!!! :D Considering it's summer, I opt for a t-shirt and pyjama shorts :) 

Some days I prefer to spend my night looking through Pinterest, but most of the time I make a cup of hot tea and I read a book - click here to see what I am currently reading. In the morning, I tend to drink too much coffee so it's difficult for me to sleep at night. In that case, I open my Evernote app and I start writing blog posts ideas or start reading blogs - click here to read my three favourite bloggers blog post.

A while later, before I turn off my lights, I put on lip balm so in the morning I will have soft lips.

What is your night routine?

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