Some of my favourite Fourth Of July DIYs, recipes and more.

July 03, 2015

Hi everyone! In today's post I'm going to share with you some of my favourite Fourth Of July DIYs, recipes and also beauty and fashion tutorials. :)

I was searching on internet some desserts for 4th Of July. Even though I am European and I don't celebrate Independence Day, I like to try with my mom different recipes. And I found three YUMMY desserts that I WANT to try!

Oreo Pops

{ source }
Who doesn't love Oreo? Here's a fun way to eat it :D
Check Heidi recipe to find out how you can do this Patriotic and delicious Oreo Pops :) 

Star-Spangled Strawberry Cake

{ source }
I am obsessed with strawberries and cakes are ... perfect!!!!! I found this one on Martha Stewart  website. My mouth is watering!! 
Check the recipe here if you want to do this wonderful cake for Independence Day.

Vanilla-Raspberry Sundaes with Spoon-Shaped Cookies

{ source }

This recipe is also from Martha Stewart website. Can you believe that is a spoon shaped cookie? :D 
Check this recipe here :)

Let's move to DIYs :)

9 Creative DIY Patriotic Shirts

{ source }

This DIY is very cute for kids :)
Check Kelly website to see how you can do them.

I saw this on my favourite website and I thought I should share it with you guys.
You can do your own confetti party poppers with just a few things :D
Check Lauren Conrad Blog to see what you need :)

This is my favourite part :)
I searched on YouTube for some makeup ideas for this amazing day :)
Check IamJustAMakeupLover and Charmaine Dulak video for different and cute makeup & outfits ideas.


Those were my favourite 4th Of July DIYs, recipes and beauty tutorials :)

Don't forget to check my Pinterest "Fourth Of July" Board for more DIY.

See you next time :)

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