What's on my iPhone? // Summer 2015

July 23, 2015

Today's post is about my iPhone and what apps I am using. 
I am always curious what is in other people's iPhone and every time I find new, useful apps. 
My phone is pretty simple and hasn't installed games or school apps because I have those on my tablet. Let's start with some phone characteristics:

Type: iPhone 5S
Color: Silver
GB: 16 GB

I love my lock screen! The wallpaper is from Coco and Mingo and it says: "A beautiful thing is never perfect.". Click here if you want to download. By the way, I constantly change my wallpapers haha! :)

The first page is full with apps that come with the phone and people don't usually use them. Photos, Messages and Clock are the apps that I use + the apps in the dock: Phone, Mail, Safari and Music. 
By the way, do you like the new music app by Apple? Let me know in the comments :)

My second page contains my must used apps or apps that I can't live without lol. :)

1| iCalendar. I start using iCal and I like that keeps me organized. If I have a date, doctor appointment or just a simple event in my life, I write in there!

2 | Instagram. Insta is bae! I adore edit pictures with me and my friends or other stuff and post on there. If you want, you can follow my blog IG account @lovingglam. I am trying to post more there :)

3 | Pinterest. This app is awesome!! You can find there a bunch of pictures: fashion, beauty, quotes, DIYs, inspiration images etc. I highly suggest joining Pinterest. If you have an account, leave your username in the comments section and I will follow you. :)

4 | YouTube. Who doesn't love YouTube? Every morning  I watch YouTube videos. "Favourite YouTubers" blog post will be coming soon :)

5 | Facebook & Facebook Messenger. I use this to keep in touch with family and friends. Most of my friends use Facebook and are contacting me on there.

6 | Twitter. I use this app for probably the same reason as Facebook, but I admit! I like it more :)

7 | Gmail. Recently, I prefer Gmail over Yahoo. I use it for my blog and my school.

8 | Yahoo Weather. It is useful if you want to be informed about how the weather is gonna be throughout the day. Yr.no is a helpful weather app too.

9 | Tumblr. An all time favourite app!! What's your Tumblr? :) I would like to check it out!

10 | Evernote. Another app that I use for organization. There, I have all my blog post ideas, to do list, notes etc. I recommend this app. 

11 | Countdown+. If you are too excited for an event and you wish to see how many days are until the family trip, your favourite band concert etc, you must have a countdown app. T-Zero is a great alternative.

I like editing pictures. As you notice, I have six apps in my "Photography" folder, but I use just 2 of them. First one is VSCO Cam. This app comes with many wonderful filters (HB1 is my favourite). The second app that I use is Squaready just to make that white border around the image.

My "Social folder includes:

1 | Snapchat. I use this to send amusing pictures to my friends. 

2 | Skype. I used this app and I spend hours on there talking to my friends, family etc.

3 | Dropbox. A useful app that let you store your documents and pictures.

4 | Glow. Uhm.. I am a girl so I need to know when that time of the month it's going to be, right? lol

5 | CrowdFire. An app that allows you to unfollow and follow people. More than that, you can view who's unfollowing you.

This folder contains two apps: Spotify and 8tracks. If I have to choose between these, I will choose Spotify.

Last folder is with some apps that I rarely use. 

1 | Viber & WhatsApp are apps where you can talk for free with everyone.

2 | Shoebox is an incredible app that stores all your photos. Currently, I have 6125 photos on there. You should check that out!!

3 | Google Translate. 

Those are the apps that I use :)

 What apps do you love?

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