How I Relax Before Bed

August 05, 2015

Sleep Mask by Oysho.

A few days ago I wrote a blog post telling you my night routine and how I prefer to spend my nights, but today's post is reffering to how I like to relax before bed.

The first step: turn off my computer and my phone 1 hour before bed or at leat 30 minutes. Why? For the reason that electronics, and the light emanated by them, actually can affect your brain and your sleep. After I do that, my actual relaxing night starts.

In every store such as Target, Walmart or your local store you can find teas. There are a few teas that I find truly healthy and is by the brand Organic India. They have loads of different types of teas including stress-relieving ones. So, I head into my kitchen, put water in the kettle, let it boil, add the tea bag and voilà! My stress-relieving tea is done. 

I bring my cup in my bedroom or my living room where I start planning the following day. After this, I make myself comfortable and cozy and start reading a book or The Bible. When reading a book, you absolutely escape from your real world. Like a magic portal!

Later, I do Yoga. Doing Yoga, you can focus on your breath and connect with yourself, with your body. My all time favourite YouTuber that is doing quality Yoga and totally free is Adriene from Yoga with Adriene. Here is the video I follow - Bedtime Yoga

After skin care, bath and brushing teeth, I change into pyjamas and I snuggle into my bed where I write in my journal. I turn off the lights and I start sleeping. :)
That is my relaxing night routine.

What do you do to relax before bed?

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