My Freshman Year of High School

August 12, 2015

A month after my final exam, I was thinking about how is going to be at High School, how professors are if they are mean or friendly. Besides that, I was wondering how the classmates are going to react when they will see me if they want to talk to me etc.

It was July when I find out who my colleagues are and extremely curious, I start searching their name on Facebook and add them.
"They are too cool! They are not going to talk to me!", I was constantly telling. Then I said: "You know what? Let's talk with someone!" and I contacted one girl named Adina. She was so lovely and kindhearted and we became friends fast.

So, my first day of High School came and I was agitated, excited and I was sweating!! Every time a professor came into the class, my friend, Adina, was comforting me and she was saying: "Do not worry! He/She is actually very nice."
And ... she was right.

Through my freshman year, I found lovely faces with kind souls. Obviously, I can't say that everything was wonderful. I had rough times where I cried because of the stress. Frequently, I stayed until 1 am or 2 am to do homework and projects. I do not regret being involved in different projects about various topics. I won experience. But I hope next year of High School it will be better! :)

If this year you will be a freshman, my advice is to be positive and always see good in everything! You are strong and you can :) Kisses! :*

How was your Freshman Year of High School?

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