School Organization Tips

September 01, 2015

Summer is almost over & this means one thing: SCHOOL. I can't say that I am extremely happy to go back to school considering the amount of homework So, for achieving good grades and have a great school year I need to be organized & motivated and today I am sharing with all of you some tips that are helping me with this aspect.

1. Write To-Do Lists. I write down things I need to accomplish and try to prioritize by how important they are.

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2. Keep an agenda or a planner. It's been almost a year since I started a planner. I write  assignments, upcoming tests, finals, projects, school dates etc. I like Erin Condren Life Planners or Filofax, but I find them quite expensive so I decided to buy a little agenda and draw my own calendar. You can make it fun and colorful by adding stickers and washi tape. Also, I try to use a Bullet Journal. Check this site to find out how to use it or check Tumblr for inspiration ;)

3. Remove distraction. Let's be honest! We all are distracted by Twitter, YouTube, and other social media while studying. Putting your phone on airplane mode or do not disturb is the solution. That keeps all the distractions away. There are some apps for the computer too. { OS / Windows }

4. Study at your desk. I just remembered when one day, I was tired and I had to study four pages at history so I said "Nah! Let's go study in bed." but a few minutes later my mom woke me up because I felt asleep with the notebook in my hand and the books around me. So, you better study at your desk :)

5. Do flashcards. They are helping so much! I like to write the term on one side and on the other side the definition. 

6. Listen to classical music. I find out that classical music is much better for studying. My favorite playlist is called "Classical for Studying" on Pandora. Spotify and 8tracks are great alternatives. If you find yourself not enjoying classic music, then listen to Rain Sounds :)

7. Take good notes. I admit! I am not a professional at note taking but trust me, having good notes will help you a lot!  Don't forget to use highlighters! :)

8. Study with a friend. If you don't understand something, ask for your friend's help. Meet them at Starbucks or start a Skype group and study. I always talk on Skype with my best friends.

9. Keep a binder. In my Freshman year of High School, I realized that keeping a binder is very useful especially in my math class and language class where I keep paper sheets, homework and many more.

10. Be motivated. I know you need the motivation to study. Lately, I've been loving looking through Tumblr on blogs called "studyblrs". A studyblr is a Tumbler blog created to inspire and motivate you to study for exams, to do homework etc. I created a studyblr too so if you are interested click here to check it out. :) If you have one let me know in the comments so I can follow you.

Those are some of my tips for school organization.

What are your tips? When are you starting school?

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