How I Overcome Anxiety and Depression

July 29, 2016

This couple of days I felt terrible! I was anxious and depressive. I laid in bed almost the entire day, watching movies and sleeping. At night I could not rest because of bad dreams. I preferred to stay at the window, in my chair, just looking at the sky and feeling nothing. I was in my world. I did not go outside because I did not want to see people and in those three-four days I did not even talk to my parents.

Today I want to share some things that helped me with this anxiety and depression.

1 | Meditate. This is my number one tip. I always hear people saying "I am tired and stressed! I feel like I could not handle this anymore!" and I look in their eyes and I tell them "Meditate, this will help you." Some of them start to laugh, and some of them say that this is not their thing. However, this is a great practice to incorporate in your life. It is amazing! 

2 | Go in nature. I love mother nature. I like to walk with someone somewhere where tall trees surround me, feeling the fresh air. Being active increase endorphins making you feel good!

3 | Call someone and chat. Even though you do not feel like talking to someone, friends might help you get out from that anxious and depressive mood. Either is you mom, dad, sister, brother, best friend or classmate, talking to them and being listened maybe works for you.

4 | Yoga. It is the best! Trust me! With Yoga, you can focus on your breath, on your body and how it feels. Each move you do it stretches your body and feels good. 

5 | Sleep. Moreover, when I say sleep, well, sleep! Have a great rest to charge your batteries and woke up with energy and strength. For a better sleep avoid electronics 1 hour before bed. 

6 | Realize that this is not good for your mental health. Realizing this is essential. I was in bed when I realize that this affects me so much and so badly. I prayed and the next morning I felt a bit better. You have to understand that this is not you, and this bad mood needs to go away. You are more than just a depressive mood! Find your purpose, find your passion and do what you love and do not let this take over your life. 

Those are just six things that helped me get over my anxiety and depression. 

How do you deal with anxiety and depression?

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