How to Keep Your Inbox Clean

August 10, 2016

I have talked about cleaning your inbox in my "Things To Do on Sunday To Have a Wonderful Week" and I thought to share with you how I keep mine clean. We all know that emails can overwhelm us sometimes. Personally, I get overwhelmed when I see my inbox cluttered! Last year was the worst. I had a lot of Gmail accounts open, full of unread emails. One day I decided to clean it out! Since then I keep it clean and organized. 

Here are some steps on how to have a clean inbox.

1 | Unsubscribe. This is a significant step for me. I am that kind of person who subscribes to many newsletters or unimportant sites. To unsubscribe, I use This is a very secure site where you can unfollow from the newsletters or unrelated sites.

2 | Delete unwanted emails. This might take a while if you have tons and tons of emails. Remove what you do not read, keep what is important. It is that simple! :)

3 | Organise them. Organising your emails is important too. I use Gmail and their incorporated tabs: "Primary", "Social", "Promotions", "Updates" and "Forums" but you can create labels and use them to sort out your emails. If you use Yahoo!Mail, you can create folders to sort them.

4 | Dedicate time. To have a clean inbox you have to devote time. At first, it might be hard to delete and unsubscribe but in time, you will have a manageable inbox. What I do is that every day, usually in the morning, I spend some time reading my emails and responding to them. That way I know that my inbox is clean, and I do not have to think about it throughout the day.

5 | Turn off email notifications. Every time I see an incoming message, I tend to check it, and this thing distracts me from my everyday tasks. So I decided to turn them off and the only time I check my emails is in the morning.

Those are some tips on how to keep your inbox clean.

What are your tips on how to keep a clean and manageable inbox?

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