My Nail Care Routine | 2017

April 14, 2017

2017 it is here! It is a fresh start, a new beginning. 2017 it is a good way to make goals and follow them, and it is the time to update your routines. One routine that I did change quickly is my nail care. I make it more simple and efficient for me. So let's take a look at my four steps nail care routine. 😉

1 | Remove nail polish and wash your hands. Removing the nail polish and then washing your hands can make cuticles soft. You can also soak your hands in lukewarm water, and you can add just a bit of baking soda to whiten them if they are yellow from the nail polish.

2 | Push cuticles. Cut nails. File them. Of course, you can cut your cuticles which I sometimes do, but I choose to push them with this. After pushing (or cutting) them, I cut my nails if I need to, and then I file them in the almond shape with a glass nail file . The last thing I do before painting them is washing my hands (again 😛).

3 | Base coat. Nail polish. Top Coat. I am trying to use a base coat that can protect my nails and also strength them. I use Rimmel London Nail Nurse 5 in 1 (the pink bottle). When it comes to what nail polish, I want it to be resistant, with a big brush and also, I want to dry fast. One nail polish that I recently discovered it is the s-he stylezone Nail Polish from Perfect Nudes Collection - no. 040. It dries quickly, and it is long lasting. Last but not the least, I use a top coat - Nicole by OPI Top Coat Plus.

4 | Moisturise! The last step it is to moisturise by using a cuticle oil or you can apply olive oil, coconut oil or any oil that you like. For hand cream, use one that can absorb moisture deeply.

Here is my nail care. Let me know what tips do you have for good looking nails! 

How do you take care of your nails?


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