Places I'd Love To Travel To

April 18, 2017

Recently I've started dreaming about travelling and how many places I would adore visiting. This morning, extremely excited about the upcoming summer trip with my parents, I've got inspired to do a 'Places I would love to visit in a lifetime' list. Surprisingly, I've gathered about 36 countries, but today I am going to share with you just some of them.

1 | Bora Bora

{photos source: Unsplash}

2 | Thailand

{photo source: Contiki on Instagram}

3 | Bali

{photo source: The Sunday Chapter}

4 | Hawaii

{photo source: Wilderness Culture on Instagram}

5 | Morocco

{photo source: Fashion Me Now}

6 | Switzerland Mountains

{photo source: Unsplash}

7 | Barcelona

{photo source: Unsplash}

8 | Mykonos

{photo source: Zoella}

9 | India

{photo source: Pinterest}

10 | Florida

{photo source: Unsplash}

What places would you love visiting?


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