About Me

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Launched in 2016, Clair de Moon is a beautiful place for everyone around the world. 
If you love beauty, fashion, cooking, travelling (and the list continues) then here is your home!
I am writing about everything I adore and through my blog posts I am trying to inspire you. I started working on blogs in 2012 but I was always experimenting. My passion for this started since I was little. I started watching YouTube videos and reading blogs. Step by step I learned more about YouTubing and blogging and now here I am, trying to inspire people and share with them my passions.

Who's the founder of Clair de Moon?

My name is Andrea Ingrid, a 16 years old European girl, the founder of this blog. I live in a beautiful country with my parents and currently I am in High School. Besides beauty and fashion, I have a huge passion for medicine hoping that after High School I will get to the University of Medicine in my town.

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